It’s official. I’m China bound!

36. The number of years I have been on this beautiful blue rock, Earth. I’ve done some traveling through Europe, Asia, and across the USA with a little seed in the back of my mind, I should live abroad one day.

I’ve finally worked up the nerve and made the decision to move to China!

Yes! You read that correctly. China! Shenzhen to be exact. One of the newest cities to benefit from the economic boom and quickly becoming the tech hub of the country.

Over the last two summers, I visited China through an amazing volunteer opportunity via Little Fir. I had the honor of working with a fabulous group of educators and students in rural China. Through this experience, I’ve been able to visit Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, and many other places. I’ve come to really enjoy the people and culture this vast country has to offer.

An opportunity from Avenues: The World School presented itself to help open up a new campus in Shenzhen. Building something new and having a larger impact on an educational system thrills me to the core. It’s a challenge I take on with open arms.

So…here I am…documenting my process as I begin this new adventure and chapter of my life. The past 8 years in New York City have been wonderful in so many ways. Harlem is definitely my home away from home.

I hope you join me in the adventures and hijinks as this brown boy makes his way in China.

“Great things never came from comfort zones.”